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A pool that is chic.

Inflatable pools ... the sort that fit your environment. Because why does cooling off have to involve cartoon seascapes? 

And we know what you're thinking. This pool is for a baby. But remember. You don't live in the 'burbs with an in-ground pool ... you are living with a small outdoor space and you are hot to the max. So grab your pals, a 6 pack, and your dog and have a pool party already.

But true, it's also great for kids. Even better for parents who don't want to stock up on any more neon kid supplies.

So cheers. To all of you. 

Next up:
More designs

OK. There is way more where this came from.

In fact. Check our instagram right now for a sneak peek at what is to come. Or join our mailing list to get the alert when we update our site. Because 4 new designs will be added to the collection by Spring 2019…which is happening any second now. 

So stay tuned. And in the meantime, buy this one

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